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Multiple listing controls with a single datasource – InfoPath

The scope of this article is to explain how to populate multiple InfoPath listing controls like a Drop-Down List and a List Box with only one datasource. The scenario can be like this:

Assume we have 2 to 3 SharePoint lists with data on our SharePoint site and we have some listing controls on our InfoPath form. The aim is to populate all these listing controls using only a single InfoPath datasource.


By default we do have four “Receive Data” options for InfoPath datasource like an XML document, DataBase,Web Service, and SharePoint Lists & Libraries. As mentioned in the “Problem”, our aim is to populate data from different SharePoint lists to different listing controls on an InfoPath form. Usually, everyone will create different datasources from SharePoint lists for each listing control, but we can utilize the “Web service” option for populating many listing controls with a single datasource. Click here for the entire article that i have published on