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HTML5 <video> tag and my concept of Video mailing.

For the last couple of weeks I am surfing a lot for HTML5 features and whatever new features it have is really amazing. You can also find many articles on web related to the HTML5. I found this article as the best describer , html5demos. When you check new elements that added on this new HTML version , you can find the tag “video” .

The purpose of this media element/tag is to play videos or movies. Currently we use third party plug ins of Quick Time, Flash , Real Player etc to view videos on our web page.
But now with HTML5 we can directly embed videos on the web page using . This element do have “src” attribute just as in <img> tag where we can give url of the video. Currently only web browsers such as Fire Fox 3.5+ , Chrome, Safari 3+ , Opera supports the video tag. For IE users its not currently available, but soon it will get supported from IE9 .

Here, the idea that I want to express is something related to Video Mailing. This means that every email provider can give video messaging service too , when HTML5 become popular. My idea can be more elaborated like this , there will be a “Create a video mail” link on our email account page . When clicking on this link, cam and mic on the client machine will get activated[same as in the FaceBook’s “Create Video” option.] .The video will be saved on the server and intimation will be send to the receiver’s inbox after clicking on the send button. When receiver clicks on the video message, it will start rendering as the video on the page. The purpose is to convey the messages with emotions , gestures, actions etc. I feel there are some advantages and disadvantages for this approach.


  • Conveying messages with expressions, emotions etc
  • Authentication of the sender can be 100% assured, since it is a video email.
  • No need to go for big big email drafting to convey a small message.
  • Clarity of message will be more in Video Mail.


  • More server space will be utilized than the regular text messages
  • Instant messaging need hardwares like camera ,mic on the sender’s machine.
  • More bandwidth is required for receiving video mail than the text emails 

Kindly comment on my idea of Video mailing and lets have discussion on the same . Thanks

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