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SharePoint 2013 – Product level issue(s) as on MARCH 2013 CU, SP1, MAY 2014 CU , JULY 2014 CU & September 2014 CU


Recently, I have been haunted(/haunting) with few SharePoint 2013 CU / hotfix issues. No idea why MSFT release bugs along with updates  🙂 , Kidding…!.

So lets start with these bugs / issues , reproduction & fixes available etc.

  • Issue #1 : User Context is redirected to Pages Library root while user tries to create  a page inside a inner folder of the Pages library

This issue very apprehensive because when a user tries to create a page inside a folder or n-level inner folder , which redirects him to root of pages library.

This issue started from Service Pack 1(15.0. 4569. 1506) or precisely from May 2014 CU. But no fix has been provided by MSFT yet. Waiting for November 2014 CU to fix this issue.  On a support case with MSFT , I got a feedback that it will get fixed on Nov 2014 CU.

[Update as on 14-Nov-2014] : No Luck, Issue still persists with November 2014 CU. Waiting for next update from SharePoint Product Group.

I tried till OCT 2014 hot fix from MSFT to validate whether this issue solved or not, but no hope.

Bad news – No fix available as of  10-november-2014.

  • Issue #2 : “Sorry something went wrong” error while user clicks on “Edit properties” or “View properties” button for a page.

This issue happens for pages created from a OOB CT based out of “Article Page”. So when a user creates such a page and before its check-in, if he tries to View/Edit properties then a error page displays with message –   “Sorry something went wrong”.

The issue is reproducible in SP1 (15.0. 4569. 1506)  and above versions in plain vanilla sharepoint environments (i.e. without any customizations) till July 2014 CU.

Good news – This issue got fixed on September 2014 CU.

  • Issue #3 : Mandatory validation not working for Publishing HTML fields on list or library.

Reproduction : Create a list or library which have a Publishing HTML field and mark this field as Mandatory. Try to add data inside this list without entering data inside this publishing HTML field. The system will allow this data to get entered, discarding the validation we provided.

This issue started from March 2013 CU – But I saw this got fixed on Service pack 1 and on higher updates.

  • Issue #4 : On edit mode of a publishing page, Managed Metadata fields throws a JavaScript error “There was error processing this request”

This issue started from March 2013 CU – But I saw this got fixed on Service pack 1 and on higher updates.

As a whole, Issue #1 & Issue#2 are most annoying and out of this, Issue#1 is still a pending backlog from MSFT but Issue#2 is fixed on September 2014 CU.

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